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The only store dedicated to putting in love along with hand made toys, jewelry, interiors to bring the positivity in your lives. All our products are eco friendly and are made with recycled materials to keep your environment healthy and beautiful. Find what you have been missing in your living space, only at Umba Box.

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What is Umba Box?

Umba Box is a handcraft store which provides opportunities for artists to do what they do best and help them to sell their artifacts and sweet innovations. Find the products with loving efforts by artists from all ages, and pick love everytime you choose a product.


Such a sweet store filled with gifts that my friends and I can cherish for life.
Ann T. Guzman

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7 Important Benefits of Handmade Clothing


The demand for handmade clothes is thriving in the market day by day. The people feel more comfortable with handmade clothes than the readymade clothes. The best thing is it gives jobs to many skilled people, those who belong to handicraft background. It is seen that the durability of the handmade clothes is better. Many people like having these kinds of clothes. The cost required for making handmade clothes is low. So the seller can get more profits. And the people get the best designs at these handmade clothes.

The main benefits of handmade clothing


Exquisite and delicate varieties of handicrafts

The people, who belong to handicraft backgrounds, can provide you commendable designs as per your taste. Here you can get many kinds of beautiful handicraft designs with the quality of the clothes.

The quality of the fabric

In the case of handmade clothes, you don’t need to worry about quality. Most of the clothes are smooth in touch and skin-friendly. So you are not going to get the rashes on the skin and other problems with the handmade clothes.

The customize facility

If you want any kind of design or handicraft then you have to order for that. And then they will do that within a few days. That means you can get your clothes customized within a few days with promising services.

The strength of the handmade clothes

One of the required things that are needed in the clothes is durability and color durability. So for those things, handmade clothes are the best option. Even most of the clothes lose their shape after some washes. But here you are not going to face this issue.

The environmental benefits


One of the points is needed to be considered is that handmade clothing is an environmental- friendly process. It does not try to spread harmful things like gases, and heat. On the other hand commercial ways of making the clothes are needed heavy robotics machines which release so much heat towards the environment.

That is very harmful for those who are working around the machine. And another thing is that it wastes an enormous amount of energy, and produce unfavorable gases to the environment. The commercial way of making clothes the wasted is dump into the ground and the water. So there are no such issues with handmade clothing.

No wasting of clothes  

The fashion of clothes is seasonal. If any kind of fashion is running at the market so that kind of clothes is sold but which clothes are already made on large scale, and are not in fashion, come in the category of waste. But in the case of handmade clothing, the clothes are made in slow fashion. So there is only a micro chance of wasting of clothes.

So handmade clothing is the best option in any aspect like fashion, durability, reliability of color, smoothness, environment-friendly, etc.  These clothes can get customized as per your requirements within a few days. This process gives the job to those who belong to the handicraft background and who are good at crafting.

How To Make Ceramics At Home

Make Ceramics At Home

Ceramic products have found a huge application in daily human life. We see so many ceramic products around us in our daily lives. From pottery to tiles, from cookware to bricks, and even bathroom utilities, all use ceramics in their production. These products are hard, corrosion-resistant and brittle.

However, if you are planning to make your own ceramics at home, it is an even more cheaper and convenient process. Lets further talk about making ceramics at home.

Choosing the clay

Ceramics uses different kinds of clays including oven-baked clay, polymer clay, and air dry clay. These clays are used according to the need of the product required as they have different qualities as follows:


  • Air-dried clay does not need an oven or heating source. Most of the ceramic products are made from this clay. It takes a longer time to dry.
  • Polymer clay is often used by beginners in ceramic manufacturing. It is easier to mold in different shapes and forms.
  • Oven-baked clay has a long-lasting life and can handle higher temperatures. It is easier to use at it can be heated in an oven.

You can choose any clay depending upon your requirements and desire. Once you choose the clay, you are required to choose the method of creating the pottery. Pottery could be made either through hand building or using a wheel.

Handbuilding pottery method

Handbuilding technique involves creating pottery forms with the help of hands, fingers and simple tools. It does not require a pottery wheel. Handbuilding technique could be done in three ways:

  • Slab technique involves making smooth slabs of clay by cutting the clay in desired length and breadth and then shaping them by hands or forming around molds. This method allows us to create more angular shapes which are difficult to create on a pottery wheel.
  • The coiling technique uses a rope-like structure of plastic clay that is assembeled in successive courses to build up wall vessels or sculptures. If you are using oven-baked clay, this technique is of great help as it is easy to work with and allows a lot more shapes.
  • The pinching involves inserting a thumb into a ball of clay and continuously pinching the clay between your thumb and finger and simultaneously rotating the structure to increase height. It yields beautiful and finer results.


Using a pottery wheel

Take a dry pottery wheel and keep the clay on the wheel with tips down. Press the clay down and slide it around to shape and plant it. Add a little water for smooth kneading, move your hands around the clay to set it and bring it in the centre. Keep the speed of the wheel slow so as not to break the clay structure. Wet your hands and move your clay forward and plow it. Now slowly increase the speed to the wheel and open up the clay as needed.

Once your structure is ready, leave it to let it dry. Upon drying you can add the desired coloring and decorate the structure as desired and your ceramic product is ready to use. Following these steps, you can easily make ceramics at home.