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Explore the world of hand made products made to bring joy to your life. Gift your loved ones something made with love today.

About Us

The only store dedicated to putting in love along with hand made toys, jewelry, interiors to bring the positivity in your lives. All our products are eco friendly and are made with recycled materials to keep your environment healthy and beautiful. Find what you have been missing in your living space, only at Umba Box.

best handmade products

Choose from a variety of hand made vessels, handbags, and more. Explore our list to find the right thing for your home.

Gift Cards

Pick the most creative and sweet gift cards this festive season from Umba Box and surprise your family & friends with loving messages.
A Handmade Suprise Every Month

What is Umba Box?

Umba Box is a handcraft store which provides opportunities for artists to do what they do best and help them to sell their artifacts and sweet innovations. Find the products with loving efforts by artists from all ages, and pick love everytime you choose a product.


Such a sweet store filled with gifts that my friends and I can cherish for life.
Ann T. Guzman

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