BlueChew Subscription Service Review: How It Works

We’ve all heard the name. Bluechew. Everywhere from the 85 South comedy show, YouTube prankster Vitaly, Wrestling Reality podcast to Reddit forums and TrustPilot testimonials talked about this stuff. Even Andrew Schultz from the Brilliant Idiots podcast raved about it!

My mother even saw a Bluechew ad while shopping on eBay. How the hell that happened?

It’s fair to say that Bluechew is ringing a lot of bells.

My Bluechew Story

My Bluechew story began during my abstinence in honor of the NoFap movement. Is abstinence weird for a guy?

I trained my brain like an Olympic athlete not to get hard upon looking at some juicy tits or a nice ass until someone told to me to “stay woke” and explained that sex is a natural phenomenon that is a necessary part of life. He went on to explain that the powers that be wanted world depopulation, and although this stuff sounded conspiratorial, it made a lot of sense to me. 

I re-thought my decision and got back into the nightclub scene. I ended up fighting with a guy over a girl, we both didn’t know, and he got the best of me. I have to admit that he whooped my ass! He also managed to damage a couple of nerve endings in my pelvic area. Now I find myself with ED problems, and I’m a young guy who shouldn’t suffer from this stuff.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Getting the right prescription from the right place – If a doctor prescribed a certain amount of Bluechew, stick with that. Until you had your prescription fulfilled don’t take a pill from a friend. The amount that works for him might not work for you and can make you sick. Another factor is getting Bluechew from their direct website. Do not buy Bluechew from third-party sites because they sometimes sell counterfeit pills made with dangerous chemicals that can kill you!

Do you really need it – How old are you, buddy? If you’re in your early 20s, then hold on to your youth because Bluechew might not be for you. You could take them out of curiosity because you heard a lot about the reputation, but popping them daily might be going overboard. But if you found yourself in a sticky situation like mine, then taking Bluechew might literally save the day and improve your life!

Why are you getting it – Reflection is critical, so ask yourself, why are you getting this stuff? Most people will get it to please their partner to stay hard for some me-love-you-long-time sex.

Can you afford it – Everyone is learning about Bluechew today. It’s replacing Cialis and Viagra. You might hear about Bluechew from an office exec or a homeless guy. All the people between those extremes need to ask themselves, can they really afford to pay for a monthly Bluechew subscription? Would getting $20 to $90 taken from your bank account every month risk anything? Can you take on another bill?

How BlueChew Worked for Me

I’m gaming on my PlayStation one weekend exhaling a sigh of relief waiting for my ‘girlfriend’ to finally come over. I stare at those black packages with the blue pills inside I got shipped to me for free wondering if it would make me go blind or has some type of cannabinoid effect. You only live once, I thought to myself.

After calming my nerves and finally being brave enough to pop the blue viagra pill I waited but knew it would take some time to kick in.

My slut-bucket girlfriend was already on her way, but I didn’t feel like having sex that evening. So a mix between not being in the mood and my physical condition, I knew it would be a challenge to get hard and stay hard.

I needed to buy some time, so I called her and told her to pick up a calzone for my favorite pizza joint 15 minutes away, for 3 reasons:

  1. I was hungry.
  2. I was giving her the dick and I felt like she had to pay for it.
  3. I needed some time for Bluechew to kick in.

She abandoned the pizza mission and came right over. I didn’t even need her to stop at the pizza shop because my firm, strong, hard, and elongated dick was ready for a good ole’ pouncing and skin-to-skin pounding. It felt like an unbreakable TV remote in my pants. She could ride me like a pony and hold to my dick while at it – that’s how hard it was!

Bluechew Features & Benefits

  • Free 3-day trial with USPS delivery in most USA states, on time, every time
  • Small and discreet blue and black packages with blue pills that look like anything
  • Quick doctor approval from a 10-question assessment online
  • Popular; everyone is talking about it
  • Works; hard dick in minutes for hours
  • Safe; FDA approved ingredients (the pill is not FDA approved itself)

How Safe and Legit is Bluechew?

Bluechew is very safe if you use your brain. I’ve never heard of anyone dying from  it. If that happened, then it would be all over the news, and the company would go out of business. I would say that it seems safer than Viagra because the staff was able to learn from Viagra’s mistakes. People in the ED community heard about those bad effects.

Telling the truth during the health assessment is paramount. The doctors will only prescribe a safe dosage according to how you answer the health assessment. Keep it real! Moreover, they are real doctors, educated at Chicago’s top medical universities, and not some guys jacking off in basements or working at pain clinics in South Florida. Why Florida?

Knowing and discussing your allergies with your doctor will help tremendously in keeping you safe. There might be some ingredients in Bluechew that make you sick if you are allergic to them. The doctor won’t know until you expose that info. Luckily, for you and me, Bluechew reviews list the main ingredients – Sildenafil and Tadalafil. You can research these ingredients against your allergies and medications you take to determine how safe they are. These ingredients primarily regulate penis blood flow to keep it hard. If you take antibiotics, blood pressure, diabetes, or any medication, let your doctor know. Mixing these with Bluechew won’t be a pretty sight.

If you’re using alcohol or drugs, then Bluechew is not for you. Mixing these could set off a dangerous bad reaction.

No matter how hard you want to get if you are a diabetic, suffer from heart attacks, you need to stay away from ED pills in general.

It’s fair to say that Bluechew is as safe as any ED pill. There are some primary potential side effects like headaches, hot flashes, and irritations. You might feel these temporarily, but anything prolonged should require a doctor visit.

That’s why trying Bluechew for 30 days is suggested because it might not work or might make you sick. In the latter case, you can end the subscription.

Other Bluechew Reviews

I don’t trust online reviews anymore, except for my own. But there are so many everywhere that it would be hard to fake how effective this product. There are a few guys who claimed it didn’t work for them, while promoting ones they are using, but don’t take my word for it either.

I found social proof in the blue world that you can see for yourself.


Some are informative, some are funny, and some are outright scary; but, they all indicate that it works and seemed genuine to me.

Bluechew Alternatives

I tried a couple of alternatives for Bluechew, but they aren’t nearly as good. Yet, they are still good enough to have in your back pocket for a rainy day. Two of three worked.

  • GetRoman (Worked)
  • Hims ED (Questionable)
  • Via Best Buys (Ok)

Bluechew Coupons & Promo Code

Even though the economy is strong right now, it’s still good to save a few dollars. I found several Bluechew promo codes that got me a considerable discount.

Keep something in mind. If you click on someone’s affiliate link that goes straight to the Blue Chew website could save you a lot of money.

The first month is free. Then you will be charged after that. Some of these links offer a 25% discount.

Bluechew Final Verdict

Bluechew is growing in popularity as the next Viagra and Cialis replacement. A lot of people have taken it with real results. The only way to become part of the blue wave is to try for yourself.

These small, blue, easy-to-conceal pills are wildly popular, taking the world by storm, and helping men with their ED problems.

Revolutionizing the way we fuck, we can get pleasure using the tool of our hard jackhammer cocks that keep our reputations intact and the bed rocking.

Bluechew is the all-new ED source for busting cheeks and assisting skeets.

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